gifts from the garden ov grace - this is a cyclic continuum - where a little less for yourself is a primary 1000 year KEY
  gardenoveden.com hopes to encourage the continual flow of joules (energy) - the world is the 1 impersonal self

  the planet is being revegetated
  Abundance has been ACTIVATED - Electricity (energy), Hydrogen (fuel), De-Salinated Water (water)
                    1 hole - 2 pipes - water in - steam out - (geo-thermal)
  the directory epsolom.com and any domains residing on the epsolom.com labyrinth are giving -
                    ideas, concepts, art and design
all work is without obligation or demand, and may be used for private, commercial, education, research, any
        may be copied, reproduced, modified, sold, published, publicised etc. in whole or in part
  globally the aim is to open new frontiers, energise the planet and possibly provide stimulus wherever possible
  'go fourth and prosper' - this time it's hyperflow - what about cupeth stuff - yes, yes - may all the cups runeth over
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